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Keep reading to learn more about the uniquely Handcrafted wreath designs created at Urban Wreath. With an undying passion for making, creating, and designing exterior and interior wreaths for doors, walls, mantles, tables tops and more you’re always in great hands with these Specialty Handmade Wreath designs with an urban flare.

Take a look through the site and see what they’ve done, who they’ve worked with, and how they are redefining the traditional Holiday Wreath. At Urban Wreath we like to call them Surface Decor. Our Handmade wreath designs are so much more than

an arrangement of flowers, leaves, or stems fastened in a ring. We like to think of them as an expression of ones personality, character, and values. Urban Wreath is helping their customers add curb appeal, celebrate heritage, special occasions, champion causes, and decorate spaces throughout the the country. Take a look at the Handmade Gallery to see how they might help you with your Surface Decor needs.

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Students create classroom Peace Wreath by Hope Lecchi

April 17, 2017

Horace Mann Elementary students celebrate Peace Week

Horace Mann Elementary School second grade teacher Jamie Harden reads “The Great Peace March” by Holly Near to her students and to Amy Carbone Scott’s students Friday afternoon. “Peace can start with just one heart,” Harden read. The second graders were wrapping up Peace Week on Friday while continuing to work on a yearlong peace project. 

Photos by Faith Bemiss 

Jasmine Blankenship, 8, a student in Amy Carbone Scott’s second grade class holds the ornament she created Friday for her classroom’s Peace Tree. The reverse side of the ornament reads “Love takes care of the world.”

Aleesha McCreery, 8, a student in Jamie Harden’s class, creates a peace ornament Friday afternoon featuring a peace sign, a smiley face and a heart. After finishing the ornament, McCreery hung it on the classroom’s Peace Tree.